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Good spotting Carey. Bit of a worry about the price. NIck Gill paid 15 quid for a kilo. That's about $35. Jaycar selling 1kg at $100+

Carey Milicich

Cheers Martin. I had a look to see what 100gms was volume wise, and WOW it is expensive. Thats rump for Wagu prices!

Roger Bateman

I understand Plymorph is a trade name hence its chemical name is Polycaprolactone not Polymorph (could be wrong)
Yes a bio degradable petrochemical based plastic means it is in no way connected to PLA. As it is degradeable in the human body I wonder what the effects on the body might be. It says FDA approved etc but it sounds rather odd. Anyway Carey, how the research into bioplastics going and let me know if you need any help.

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